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Commune Productions is a production company with a passion for representation and diversity that is both altruistic and opportunistic. Overlooked perspectives give our projects a distinction that is pure from the foundation. We love all genres and our audience loves seeing themselves in those stories, so we're dedicated to servicing our misunderstood and overlooked audience.

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Star Thieves

A tribe of star eating aliens must decide between devouring the sun fight off an alien threat with waning powers.

The Question

A washed up detective is given picture forcing him to search for the identity of a superhero.

Great Again

A black man is held hostage by a fidgety white couple waiting for an important visitor.


A hitwoman hijacks a Lyft to finish her kill list, only to find her driver makes her mission even more complicated.

Green Lantern: Epilogue

Green Lantern John Stewart wakes from an impact site on a strange planet, but that's just the beginning of his troubles.


A magician's daughter is puzzled by the mysterious disappearance of her father; a new clue is all she needs to start her magical journey to bring him back home.