Career Development for Minority Storytellers

Neglected Voices & Faces 

Produce Unique Films

Commune Productions focuses on supporting overlooked and under represented storytellers across all genres and in all departments, 

producing professional, industry quality content that engages audiences and serves as foundational building blocks for a life-building career.

Our target audiences are regularly underserved and misunderstood-- it's our mission to service the niches we represent first, and expose to the entertainment industry how these overlooked and mishandled opportunities are important and are valuable.

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Star Thieves

A tribe of star eating aliens must decide between devouring the sun fight off an alien threat with waning powers.

The Question

A washed up detective is given picture forcing him to search for the identity of a superhero.

Great Again

A black man is held hostage by a fidgety white couple waiting for an important visitor.


A hitwoman hijacks a Lyft to finish her kill list, only to find her driver makes her mission even more complicated.

Green Lantern: Epilogue

Green Lantern John Stewart wakes from an impact site on a strange planet, but that's just the beginning of his troubles.


A magician's daughter is puzzled by the mysterious disappearance of her father; a new clue is all she needs to start her magical journey to bring him back home.